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Make Money. Have Fun. Guaranteed.Make Money. Have Fun. Guaranteed.

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We're looking for motivated bloggers to join our growing team of Chunky Bling affiliates. Signing up is fast and simple!

Just a few of the great reasons to join!


Higher Commissions

Earn some of the highest commissions in the industry--up to 30% for qualifying sales!


More Conversions

Our fun and unique jewelry sells itself. More conversions means higher revenue.


Better Banner Ads

Choose from a large selection of high-quality banner ads in may sizes and styles.


Greater Transparency

Track your clicks, sales, and balance using our easy-to-use affiliate dashboard.


Step 1 - You Join The Affiliate Program

First, you'll need to fill out our sign-up form. This takes just minutes and you'll be instantly approved! After sign-up, you'll be taken to our affiliate dashboard page.

Step 2 - You Place A Banner On Your Site

Next, you'll need to place one of our affiliate banners or links on your site. Each banner or link has a unique identifier that allows us to track traffic coming from your site.

Step 3 - Your Referrals Make A Purchase

We will automatically track each time a visitor click on a banner, visits our site, and makes a purchase. You will earn a 15 percent commission on each qualifying sale.

Step 4 - You Earn A Commission

At the beginning of each month, we will send you payment (either via PayPal or Check) for all commissions earned during the previous month.


We offer some of the highest commissions in the industry. You'll earn a flat 15 percent commission on all sales by visitors you directly refer to our site. And if you refer other affiliates to our program, you'll earn a commission on all their sales as well. Please see below for more details.

Tier 1 - 15%

Earn 15 percent on direct sales

Tier 2 - 10%

Earn 10 percent on affiliate referral sales

Tier 3 - 5%

Earn 5 percent on affiliate referral sales


Let's say you sign up as an affiliate. You also refer a friend to our affiliate program. And that friend refers a friend. During the month, each of you generate $1000 in sales from banner ads placed on your site.


Direct Sales = $1000 x 15% = $150

Indirect Sales = $1000 x 10% = $100

Indirect Sales = $1000 x 5% = $50

Total Commission = $300

Wow! You would earn $300 cash!


At any time, you may convert your affiliate cash balance to store credit to use toward the purchase of jewelry on our website. Each $1.00 in cash balance will be converted to $1.50 in store credit (i.e. instant 50% bonus!). For example, if you have $50 in cash balance, you could convert this to $75 in store credit.


Below is a list of our most frequently-asked questions related to our Affiliate Program:

Q. How does the Chunky Bling Affiliate program work?

  1. You sign up as an affiliate.
  2. You put a banner ad or link for Chunky Bling on your site.
  3. One of your visitors clicks on the banner ad or link.
  4. Anytime during the next 99 days if that visitor buys something from Chunky Bling, you will receive a 15% commission.
  5. On the 1st Monday of each month, you'll receive payment for all of the sales your site generated during the prior month.

Q. What is the commission rate for the affiliate program?

A. You'll receive a 15 percent commission on all direct sales. You'll also receive 10 percent and 5 percent commissions for sales by affiliates that you refer to our program.

Q. What is a "qualified sale"?

A. A qualified sale is the sale of any product on the website that is not returned within 15 days of purchase.

Q. What is the average order size for the Chunky Bling website?

A. Our average order size is $75.

Q. How do I link to Chunky Bling?

A. You may link to our website using either banner ads or text links. We provide a variety of banner ads in various sizes and styles.

Q. May I create my own links?

A. Yes, of course! After you sign-up, we'll provide you with instructions on how to create your own custom links.

Q. What are the guidelines for creating my own links?

A. Links must not be misleading. They should clearly identify to your site visitor what your are linking too. You should also make sure to include Chunky Bling branding in the link (such as "Beaded Watches from Chunky Bling").

Q. When can I expect to get paid?

Affiliates are paid on the 1st Monday of each month. Depending on the payment method selected at sign-up, you will either receive an automatic deposit in your PayPal account or receive a Paper Check in the mail.

More Questions?

Please contact us at, or call 801-477-4341.


Our banner ads are bright, fun, and enticing! After you've signed up as an affiliate, you will be able to choose from dozens of sizes, styles, and themes. For now, here are a few examples:

Track Your Results in Real-Time!

As an affiliate, you'll have access to our easy-to-use Affiliate Dashboard. On your dashboard, you'll find detailed information about clicks, sales, and commissions. No more guessing how your banner ads are doing. Now you can see in real-time everything that is happening!